What do you want to know about The Mighty Thor?
What knowledge do you want to gain from his years of life experience?

Ask questions in the comments below. Ask about airsoft, the military, my daily life, my other hobbies!! No topic is off limits (within reason). I will read over the questions and answer them in a separate post at the end of next week Friday June 12, 2015 so have your questions in by midnight Thursday June 11, 2015!


Til Valhalla – Thor

Til Valhalla

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I'm a Marine and Army veteran serving 9 total years in the US Military. I am a huge nerd, a weapons enthusiast, an airsofter, collector of random things, a father, and a husband. I am a firm believer in airsoft being a legitimate training tool when it comes to firearms safety, firearms handling, and using it to teach tactics and strategy in a safe environment with minimal chance of injury. I also try to help other veterans that may be facing dark days in their lives, I do this by trying to be positive and inspiring using what I know from my own personal experiences to hopefully help guide them back to better things in life.

9 thoughts on “Q & A WITH THE MIGHTY THOR!!!!”

  1. I would like to know your view about HPA systems. do you feel they should be regulated as far as ROF and ROF in semi to make the game even amongst AEGs? and what do you think is the biggest gripe when it comes to HPA systems, trigger response, or rate of fire. or just the reliability of the system itself? Thanks Thor big fan
    Airsplat is OK in my book!


  2. Hello O Mighty Thor!
    I’ve just now come across your page here, and I dig what I’m seeing thus far. I’m a 43yr old n00b from Vancouver, BC. My question is: Aside from scanning, and looking for the unusual, what else can I do to excel in my stalking (and not getting lit-up) skills? Thank you, sir!!!


    1. Be a head of the opposition. I try and think of where they will go not where they are, a mental lead, if you will.
      So when a game starts I’m not running straight at the enemy (not always, sometimes I do for fun, and I get shot fast lol.) I am usually flanking them.

      Make yourself small… the think thin theory. I am 6’2″ … a large target, so to compensate for that I am always bent at the knees, squatted down or kneeling when moving

      Keep your rifle or pistol up in what is called High Ready, having your rifle/pistil almost completely up in the firing position. unless you are coming to a corner.

      It’s airsoft and it’s fun, but if you want to play hard have at least one other person with you… strength in numbers. The only time I’m really ever alone in a game is when I play the sniper role and usually I have a spotter with me… but not always.

      Hope this helped.
      Have fun and keep the sport going.
      Til Valhalla!


  3. I like to welcome new players as my team host beginner games most saturdays. Often I try to get the parents involved by inviting them out after wearing ppe to take pics or even play.
    My club also has loaner guns so a newer player can try out for a game what a higher end aeg feels like. For us in G.S.X. we feel that airsoft should be inclusive and that more experienced players should help the new players have a great day.


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